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Pastor, Jesse Fillenworth

Director, Legacy Honduras

In 2015 Jesse ventured to central Honduras with a simple mission to build school desks for a local school. Upon seeing the great need and how it could be so easily changed with American resources, He formed Legacy Honduras.

In 2019 Legacy Honduras partnered with Vision 2020 worldwide to further the mission.

Jesse has formed strong bonds with Government officials, Community leaders and Pastors, all with the mission of helping Gods people in Honduras.

Jesse and his wife Amber have been married since 2010 and have two beautiful boys. 

Shannon West

Board of Directors / Director of Vision 2020 Worldwide

In 2012 Shannon took his very first mission trip to the country of Thailand and he was forever changed. Since that time he has became the Mission’s Pastor of his Church and has taken part in personally introducing thousands to Jesus Christ as Lord.


Galen Zylstra

Board of Directors

In 2016 Galen was invited to go with Legacy Honduras and Mission World to build homes and render aid to the people of San Antonio de Cortes, Honduras. Legacy Honduras has been a focal point for Galen and his family’s outreach for the last 6 years and he is excited to be a part of the organization and see it grow and bless others.


Jordan Langhofer

Board of Directors

Jordan Langhofer went on the first trip to Honduras with Legacy Honduras and fell in love with the culture and the people. They are such a loving and generous people, even in their poverty. This is something that everyone can learn from them.

Jordan’s job is to capture the story of Legacy Honduras and it’s mission and reveal it to the world in a true and engaging way. There is so much to capture and reveal about these amazing people, the beauty of their land and culture. They have so much need here and a little can make a HUGE difference. This is why Jordan keeps coming back, to make a difference…