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Here Are The Many Ways We Change Lives in Honduras

In Honduras there is so much need for even just basic things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Kids play barefoot around sharp rocks, rusted metal rebar and contaminated soil. Many kids have infected wounds just from walking around. They do not have proper shoes or medicine to clean and bandage wounds. Healthy food is scarce and most of them are malnourished.

The people here are in need of simple things, shoes, food, medicine, a safe place to sleep to keep them out of the heat and rain. So much good can be done for so little.


Build New Homes

Many people live in homes made from trash, wood, plastic bags, and old rusty metal that they have found in trash heaps or laying on the side of the road. We identify families who need homes and have an extensive selection process so that we give a home to only those who will take care of it and treat it well. A new home can be built for about $2,500.


Give Shoes & Supplies

The simple gift of a pair of shoes can help a kids go to school as they are not allowed to go to school without proper clothing. Shoes also help protect from feet from injury and infection.

Deliver Food & Medicine

We take medicine and antibiotics as well as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and ibuprofen all things that are essential to healthy lifestyle here. We also buy food and deliver to families who need it. Just. $100 can feed a family of 6 for a month.


Share The Gospel

The physical humanitarian help that we provide can only go so far. To make a lasting impact the people need hope in their hearts. We bring that hope with the gospel of Jesus Christ a message of Love and Grace. The people here are eager to hear the gospel, they are looking for truth and need people to tell them about it.  

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Beauty In The Midst Of Tragedy

Legacy Honduras

Missionary Testimonials

The bible says true christianity is helping the widow and the orphans in their time of need and feeding the hungry. In Honduras the need is everywhere and it is an amazing place to exercise our rights as true christians and make the world a better place with just a simple act of kindness and the giving of our time.

Jordan Langhofer

Since 2016 I have supported and participated in mission trips with Legacy Honduras. I’ve seen first hand the impact they have had in the community here at home and on the mission field. I like partnering with a ministry that is diligent their call to action by sharing the gospel being the hands and feet and trustworthy with donations. They make sure every penny is accounted for and makes its way to the mission projects. When I’m in the field participating with Legacy I feel safe and confident knowing leaders are communicating with their teams and local authorities to make sure our well being is top priority. I look forward to many more years of kingdom building with legacy Honduras.

Galen Zylstra